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Dr Jasleen Jolly and research assistant Natalie Assaf are conducting ground breaking research at Cambridge University on potential pathways between the eye and the brain. They are looking for volunteers who have a visual impairment to take part and control participants of a similar age.

The data collection should take no longer than 60 minutes and patients would only have to come to the research institute once. The project also includes typical visual examinations as well as computerized tasks that have been validated and approved by the ethics committee.

Expenses of £50 per person will be paid. If sight loss organisations wish to organise small groups along to participate that is very welcome as are individuals who have an interest.

The aim of this project is to understand whether the brain behaves differently in response to changes in vision from the eyes. Computer based visual tasks will be used to understand how the brain is able to adapt to any sort of visual impairment.

Location: Cambridge

Researchers: Dr Jasleen Kaur Jolly and Dr Elizabeth Michael

For more information, please email Natalie Assaf


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