Employment webinar: A career in the civil service – what’s involved and how to get into it on 16 September, 5pm

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Thomas Pocklington Trust.

About the webinar

Blind from birth, Katy joined the UK Civil Service in 2006 and has worked in a number of policy roles across health, fire, crime, policing and climate change, where she worked closely with the EU.

Martin Sigsworth, Thomas Pocklington Trust’s Senior Employment Manager will be in conversation with Katy, gaining insight into her life as a policy civil servant and discussing the different opportunities to apply to the civil service outside of graduate level entry.

The webinar is on Wednesday 16 September, 5pm to 6pm. Registration closes on Wednesday 16 September at 4pm.

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Katy, an active member of the vision impaired civil service network, will share how she tackles some of the common challenges she has experienced before and during her employment, including getting her job and using assistive technology in the workplace.

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