Deaf children who designed accessible climate change comic awarded ‘green’ Blue Peter badges

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A group of deaf school pupils have received ‘green’ Blue Peter badges after they helped create a fully accessible comic about climate change.

The youngsters, who all attend Windsor Park School in Falkirk, worked with Forth Valley Sensory Centre to design and develop the eight-page Climate Comic.

It features a story about the benefit of cleaner beaches to marine life – with characters based on the children who created it – as well as puzzles, quizzes, a recipe, and other activities.

The comic was translated into British Sign Language (BSL) and an audio description was made available to allow those with visual impairments to access it.

A visual tutorial of the BSL alphabet and some BSL signs were also included.

In recognition of their efforts, the children were all awarded special ‘green’ Blue Peter Badges, which are handed out to young climate heroes.

The long-running CBBC programme asks viewers to get in touch about things they are doing to protect the planet, and how they are encouraging others to help.

Meanwhile, the Climate Comic children were also awarded the top Innovative News Project prize by First News, a weekly newspaper for young people. The overall objective of Forth Valley Sensory Centre is to help people with sensory impairment live as independently as possible.

The charity has been supporting people across central Scotland with sensory impairment and their families for over 15 years.

Windsor Park School supports primary and secondary aged deaf pupils.

A digital edition of the Climate Comic can be found on the Mixam website.

Sara Burns, Energy Redress project coordinator with Forth Valley Sensory Centre, said:

“We are incredibly proud that the children who brought our Climate Comic to live have been recognised in this way. Blue Peter awards its ‘green’ badges to young people who have done important work to help protect the plant. The Climate Comic features the Windsor Park pupils’ important take on the climate emergency and is a fun and engaging way for people to learn about the environment. Most importantly, it is accessible to all.”


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