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Visionary have been working with Guide Dogs to support their Street Design campaign (England only). Below is the street design guidance which has gained cross sector endorsement including from Visionary’s Members Consultative Group. Guide Dogs have now sent the guidance to Local Authority Transport Managers across England.

Guide Dogs have also produced the below template letter so that it can be used by local organisations to send to appropriate Local Authority representatives. The idea is that this gives weight and local knowledge to the campaign. They are happy for local organisations to amend the letter as they see fit, i.e. include local organisation logos and adapt to highlight local issues.

Guide Dogs would like to hear about urgent/priority issues in your areas to help them develop a more effective and targeted campaign. Please do email if there are any local issues you would like to highlight. They are also potentially keen to work in partnership to support local campaigning, however, it is unclear as yet what capacity they will have to do this. We will keep you posted if this part of the work can be progressed.

Covid-19 street design guidance FINALBS

Letter template

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