Complaints about BT’s Digital Voice System

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BT’s new Digital Voice has raised concerns with people who are blind and partially sighted.

The BT Digital Voice (opens PDF) system uses the internet fibre network instead of the overhead wires to phones. The main concern is that phones will not work if the internet power is cut, so even 999 calls can’t be made so a mobile phone will be needed to make 999 calls in this situation.

BT have a list of people they wont force onto Digital Voice. The team at Yorkshire Coast Sight Support (YCSS) and RNIB have been exploring this in more detail so they support their local community, as YCSS have found that people are having the system installed without a clear explanation of what it is.

The BT Project Manager, informed RNIB were fully involved in the consultation process, but this is not the case. Colin from YCSS has shared more details about their experiences, if you would like a copy of this information or to join the discussion please email Amy Pearman.


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