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VI Insight Hub logo

VI Insight Hub logo

The VI Insight Hub, the virtual platform, the first one of its kind for the sight loss sector, is up and running at

The sector-wide VI Insight Hub is an accessible, up-to-date and authoritative source of evidence, insights and facts from research, literature and other sources relating to people living with, or at risk of, sight-loss.

The Research Team at BRAVO VICTOR works on Insights, Headlines and Previews with the sight loss sector to provide information on themes that impact the lives of people living with sight loss. The first theme produced for the VI Insight Hub was on employment. You can find the employment Insight, Headlines and Preview on the VI Insight Hub.

We are currently working on other themes.

CALL FOR ACTION: Are you able to share any information, evidence, research and/or insights which your organisation may have on the topics of:

  • mental health of people living with sight loss in the UK.
  • financial inclusion of people living with sight loss in the UK.
  • education of people living with sight loss in the UK.

If you can, please provide the information in any format by email to BRAVO VICTOR by 13 of September 2023, 12:00 (midday).

Please share this email with any institution/s or individual/s which you think may be interested or can contribute.

If you have any questions you can email Martin Lankertis, Hub Manager.


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