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For those providing Braille learning services, you may be interested in the Index Donation Program 2020 of one Everest-D V5 and one Acoustic Hood Everest.

Everest-D V5 and Acoustic Hood Everest

Everest-D V5 and Acoustic Hood Everest


To be eligible, you must have a need to produce Braille with the purpose of promoting Braille literacy, whilst having limited financial resources.

Applications close November 2020, but organizations / individuals can apply for the program January through November each calendar year. One donee will be chosen by Index Braille and announced on Index website on the World Braille day, January 4th, following year.


  1. A donee is an organization/company/individual/group of individuals, which key objective is to improve literacy for blind persons.
  2. A donee is responsible for production and supply of braille materials for a minimum of 10 persons.
  3. A donee completed the Index Donation Program Application Form, including; organization name, full address details, contact persons, and a well substantiated, personal story how production and reading of braille as well as literacy of blind persons is promoted by them. Furthermore it is including links to pictures and videos further supporting a donee’s story.
  4. A donee has to be registered as a user at
  5. A donee has to use Donation Program Submission form to apply. This includes; Organization name, address details, contact person, and a personal story how braille is promoted and include any links to pictures and videos supporting this.
  6. In case a donee is selected, the donee takes responsibility for freight charges, custom clearances and possible local taxes, in order to enable Index to ship the donated products to the donee.
  7. The financing of a donee’s organization/company is made internally or is based on charity or on donations. Publicly founded organizations cannot be selected.
  8. A donee must provide documents to support their key objectives of their organization and financial statements.
  9. Index Braille has the right to use the supporting personal story about your organization and its key objectives to promote literacy, the production and reading of braille, pictures and video for marketing purposes. If you would like us to link to your website or tag on social media, please include this information in your application.

For further information, go to the Index Braille website.

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