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It’s more than 150 years since the establishment of the right to vote in secret.

But this right is still not afforded to many blind and partially sighted people. Because marking your vote depends on reading a piece of paper, in practice most blind people have to share their vote with a friend or family member, or with polling station staff.

RNIB have written online open letter, asking the future Prime Minister to resolve this once and for all, and they’d like you to sign it.

To highlight what the issue is they have also launched a new #BlindVotersCount film – X/Twitter. If the sighted world had to share their vote choices, people and news outlets would be up in arms about everyone’s right to an anonymous vote. So, the film explores what the experience might be like if everyone had company in the polling booth.

Watch the film to find out how it feels to vote as a blind or partially sighted person and please take the time to add your name to the Open letter, it takes less than 1 minute! And please share the film with all your networks.

Together, we can make independent and secret voting a reality for everyone!


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