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Blind Ambition logo

Blind Ambition logo

Blind Ambition is proud to announce the launch of its redesigned, fully accessible website along with a new logo.

The new Blind Ambition website has been created after comprehensive planning, development, and design—all steered by Blind Ambition’s core values of empowerment and accessibility. Their aim is to establish an online space that is welcoming and accessible to all users, particularly those with disabilities.

The new logo represents an eye, a globe, and a wheel of progress. A prominent feature of the logo is a distinctive purple segment, a colour internationally recognised for symbolising disability, positioned next to the Blind Ambition name. This emphasises the importance of equality and empowerment for disabled individuals, illustrating their integral role in society.

Blind Ambition have some exciting webinars coming up:

  • Yoga Course
  • LinkedIn Course
  • Confidence & Resilience Course

If you are interested, please sign up now by emailing Blind Ambition.



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