Bhavini Makwana raises awareness of sight loss in the Asian community

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Bhavini Makwana in a floral sleeveless dress looking to her right. A plate of oranges is on the table in front of her and there are flowers and plants in the background. The bottom left hand corner says "High Chai" and has an image of a cup and saucer with steam coming out of the cup. Next to this it says "Bhavini Makwana, @bhavinimak". In the top right hand corner is the logo for CookiesTV.

Bhavini Makwana being interviewed on High Chai.


Bhavini Makwana is the Engagement Manager at London Vision.  Bhavini shares her experiences on High Chai of living with sight loss since the age of 17 when she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa in order to raise awareness in the Asian community.

See the video of Bhavini on High Chai on YouTube.


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