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The UK Association for Accessible Formats (UKAAF) is a charitable company established to promote and improve the provision of written information in accessible formats to those with a vision impairment. These formats include large print, braille, audio and digital formats. Our membership includes both private sector organisations and organisations with links to vision impairment charities such as RNIB, Sight Scotland and Vision Support.

UKAAF is appealing for support in recruiting participants for a research project we are undertaking in conjunction with Lancaster University. Although more than 20 years have now passed since the Disability Discrimination Act made it a legal obligation to provide communication to vision impaired people in accessible formats of their choice, take up by users in some sectors still appears relatively low.

The University’s researchers would like to conduct 20 to 30 telephone interviews with vision impaired service users to build a picture of their personal experience of trying to access written communications while coping with sight loss. It is hoped this research will enable us to build a picture of what is happening, whether for example there is no perceived need, a lack of awareness of accessible formats, or perhaps other solutions are being used. The results could provide direction for further work to improve the experience of people with a vision impairment.

While many UKAAF members are themselves vision impaired they are also well versed in accessible formats and not ideal participants for this research. We are therefore reaching out to other organisations who have links to vision impaired people in the hope they could promote this appeal for participants through their networks during May 2021.

People interested in taking part in this research should please contact (copying both researchers):

See participants flyer (Opens Word document).


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