Develop and Share Award 2024

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Supported by Guide Dogs UK

The Develop and Share Award, supported by Guide Dogs UK, is a celebration of innovation and generosity within the Visionary community. It recognises organisations that have developed services and shared their expertise with unwavering commitment, driving progress and supporting others.

Through this award, we seek to recognise Visionary members and partners who have pushed the boundaries of service delivery, developing cutting-edge solutions that address the challenges we all face.

Moreover, this award pays tribute to the remarkable generosity exhibited by these organisations, which goes beyond mere service provision. Whether through sharing resources, providing mentorship, or fostering collaborative environments, their support has empowered others and creates a ripple effect of positive change.

We want to hear from you if you have:

  • developed or created a new service or initiative which has benefitted blind and partially sighted people locally, working in partnership with other organisations.
  • developed a new service or initiative following on from another Visionary member or partner sharing their work with you.
  • shared your resources, knowledge and experience with another organisation to support the development of their organisation and/or services

All shortlisted nominees will be invited to share their work with the Visionary network through our online programme.


  • Visionary member organisations.
  • National partner organisations where working in partnership with local organisations to improve local service provision.

We invite members and partners to nominate themselves or others for their innovative and creative work.

Submit your award nominations here. 

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