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Tech Check (DOCX, 34 KB)

Developed by Visionary members following a discussion at our monthly Tech Forum, this simple assessment tool can be used to aid discussions with service users around technology and equipment. A huge thank you to Tim Ward (Sight Advice South Lakes) and Aj Ahmed (Sight Concern Worcestershire) for putting this together, with support from Julian Garner (TAVIP), Mark Owen and David Quarmby (Outlookers).

This tool was designed with the intention of assisting a person new to assessing technology solutions for people with any level of sight loss. It can also be used by people with more experience as a record of assessment, and amended to your organisation’s needs.

Please find some guidance below.:

  • The tool should assist in helping to come to an outcome for a person.
  • It is designed to cover the main areas of an assessment that could lead to a technological solution for someone with any level of sight loss.
  • It can complement current assessment formats, rather than replace them.
  • It can also assist in identifying other potential solutions.
  • If read by someone who does not know the case it can give a quick background picture.
  • It is not a definitive document and can be adjusted. Please let us know if you make any changes that wold be useful for the rest of the Visionary network.

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