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Trustees forum

Tuesday 9 November 2021
4:00 pm to 5:00pm

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We’re improving the format of the Trustees Forum – our monthly online session for Visionary members trustees. For the first 30 minutes of forums we will be working through the Charity Governance Code. For the rest of the session we will as usual discuss any matters trustees wish to bring up. As a sector, we owe it to our beneficiaries, stakeholders and supporters to demonstrate exemplary leadership and governance. The Charity Governance Code is a practical tool to help trustees achieve this.

Each session is “stand alone” – so not a problem if you aren’t able to attend some sessions – as we will guide attendees through each session. We will also remind all registered attendees in advance of each forum the focus for that session. The style of the sessions will be about encouraging trustees to share their experiences and reflect upon the issues discussed. So regardless of whether you feel your charity has it sorted or not, your involvement will be very welcome in supporting other trustees of local sight loss charities.

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