Annual Conference Workshops 2024

This year’s Visionary Annual Conference programme has been developed in response to themes, challenges and opportunities identified by Visionary members and partners throughout the year.  With support from the Visionary network, we have been able to create a varied programme of workshops, speakers and facilitated discussions.

If you are attending the Visionary Annual Conference, please use the link we have emailed to you to select your preferences.  Please use the links below to read all about this year’s workshops.  All workshops have limited places available, so please ensure you send your preferred second choices.  We will endeavour to allocate your first choice where possible.

Please get in touch if you have not received an email inviting you to select your workshops

You can also download the full details in large print, plain text or standard print at the end of this page.

Visionary X: @visionary_uk  (link opens X)

Visionary LInkedIn:  @Visionary_UK (link opens LinkedIn)


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